Internet Pioneers in Open Source Software from Dr. Chuck Severance

Integrated into the Coursera course on Internet History by Charles Severance at the University of Michigan are many videos of Internet Pioneers.  This set of three videos is about 3 people who created three of the major open source tools or organizations that drive the Web we use now.

One of the features that they all share is that they are committed to sharing and collaborating, a quality all librarians can appreciate.

  1. Rasmus Lerdorf invented PHP, a web programming language, to help him do his work more effectively and it led to the development of an open source tool and community.
  2. Brian Behlendorf invented with a group of collaborators the Apache Web Server so that they could continue to have a free software tool to create the Web.
  3. Richard Stallman founded the Free Software Foundation and his vision for software and use of the Web certainly predicted the existence of Wikipedia and sharing knowledge and information.
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