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Librarians Learning to Code Presented by Bohyun Kim

One of the great things about librarians is the collaborative and energetic community spirit towards learning new things and Boyhun Kim’s Charleston Conference presentation on November 9, 2012 is an excellent example of this.  In her presentation and her blog, … Continue reading

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From Coursera to Udacity Computer Science 101 courses

Feeling confident after Nick Parlante’s more general introduction to Computer Science, I began a new class from another Stanford faculty member and a faculty member from the University of Virginia. This Computer Science 101 course from Udacity uses Python, a … Continue reading

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Internet Pioneers in Open Source Software from Dr. Chuck Severance

Integrated into the Coursera course on Internet History by Charles Severance at the University of Michigan are many videos of Internet Pioneers.  This set of three videos is about 3 people who created three of the major open source tools … Continue reading

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Boolean Search: Library and Computer Science Style

One common set of tools of the librarian trade are the databases that are purchased and taught to researchers in the community they serve.  The most powerful searches are performed based on the boolean logic of AND, OR, and NOT. … Continue reading

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Movie Magic Spoiler Alert – Bluescreen

If you are someone who enjoys the wonder of movie-making without the desire to know how it works then read no further. Nick Parlante’s week 3 lecture revealed how the bluescreen/greenscreen trick uses computer code to insert portions of one … Continue reading

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Grayscale Revealed

Photo editing software seems magic sometimes in the way that it can switch a photo from color to black and white with a button click. Learning the code for this has pulled back the curtain on this magical process. When … Continue reading

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